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Fruit and Vegetable Processing Line

We develop and manufacture equipment for the processing of vegetables, from the reception and preparation of the product until its preservation. In addition, equipment for processing fruits and vegetables, our solutions are ideal for the elaboration of creams and sauces, from the reception and preparation of the product to its preservation: fruit creams, purées, juices and sauces, etc.


Depending on the input product and the final product, there are different line compositions and combinations.

verduras fruta proceso alimentacion industria
máquina salsas

Creams, juices and sauces.

We attend individual needs: Simple lines for small producers as well as complete production lines for industrial processes. Our quality and professional advice are a guarantee for your success.

salsas cremas verduras
tomate triturado salsa
pimiento listo para comer conserva
linea completa salsas reactor cocedor marmita

TOMATO processing lines

Whole peeled tomato lines and their complements: preparation of steering liquid for packaging, preparation of tomato cut with or without skin, crushed, concentrated tomato paste and sauces of different preparations. To do this, the type of tomato should be selected, depending on its shape, variety and most suitable brix degree.

Depending on the capacity of the plant, reception equipment will vary in size and shape.


We have different types of peeling. In Marrodán we are specialists in mechanical peeling and other types of peeling, such as thermo-physical peeling, for large productions. ​


We have sauces preparation groups, constituted by:


- Hammer mill

- Sieve

- Lung group


- Formulating group (with this equipment we obtain a sauce with different granulometries, that later will be sent to the filling line of whole or chopped tomato, crushed tomato or tomato paste).


We have equipment for preparing tomatoes in sauce, packaging, caging, palletising, ...

ASPARAGUS production lines

Depending on the input product and the final product, there are different line compositions and combinations of them. We have lines of white and green asparagus, for fresh, preserved and frozen.

tubérculos linea patatas

Production lines for TUBERS

We develop and manufacture equipment for the processing of tubers: potatoes, carrots, etc. from traditional preserves to IV and V range products.

MUSHRROM production lines

Marrodán has a great experience in the elaboration of equipment and processes of fresh,

preserved and frozen mushrooms.

aceitunas conserva

OLIVE elaboration lines

Continuous preservation  system for the pasteurization of different products and containers in glass jars, cans, bags and trays.


It is aimed at the sectors of refrigerated dishes, pickles, juices, sauces, jams, etc.

PEPPERS elaboration lines

Marrodán has more than 50 years of experience in the elaboration of pepper processing lines.


There is a great variety of peppers. The famous piquillo pepper from Lodosa, for which Marrodán makes complete roasting and peeling lines; also, the bell, ñoras and other varieties.


We have products for frozen or dehydrated preserves.


Marrodán is a specialist in the study and development of pepper lines: fresh, dehydrated, canned, 5th range, frozen, ...

pimientos corte seleccion
piquillo pimientos
Marrodán complements its process lines with a rationalization system.
The various systems are designed with the possibility of adapting to all types of containers and formats regardless of the production speed.
The result is the concretion of our customers' needs in a range of effectively
tested systems.
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