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LEGUME processing lines

​Marrodán has extensive experience in the production of rehydrated dried legumes, to produce preserves, fresh and frozen in jars, cans and other thermoformed containers.

Tarros botes legumbres

Legume                                 Legume                                      Legume

    Dry                                   Hydrating                                     Hydrated

Legumbre hidratacion procesado

Hydraulic feeding of rehydrated legume

Escaldado lavado legumbre

The dried legume can be received in sacks or Big Bags. If the product is clean and selected, you may move to the hydration zone. If this is not the case, dry cleaning equipment must be available. The product is then fed dry to the hydration tanks, where it will have the necessary time for proper hydration.


Once the product is hydrated, by means of a pumping system, we take the product to the cooled cooking section.


With the product cooked and cooled, at the same time the steering liquid is prepared for the filling of the previously packaged legume containers. In turn, these containers are sanitized and sent to the packaging line.


Once the product is packaged and sealed, an inspection control is carried out using X-rays, vacuum detector and then the sterilization process starts.


The packaging line is complemented with different equipment:


- Can or bottle closer


- Doypack tray sealers


- vacuum detector and X-ray detection


- markers, ...

Marrodán complements its process lines with
a rationalization system.
The various systems are designed with the possibility of adapting to all types of containers and formats regardless of the production speed.
The result is the realization of our customers' needs in a range of
effectively tested systems.
ALMA autoclave software control 4.0 industria

Marrodán has extensive experience in VECTOR sterilization processes and the Alma Food Control system.

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