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Choosing your autoclave/retort

Thinking to get your first retort machine or into expanding?

Choosing and autoclave for your production line could be more daunting that seems at first, it goes beyond a question of just money and available space. Aside the basket size of the retort machine, elements like the type of product to process, packaging, target production, handling and automation level, future expansion-enchantment, processing time,.... Along other factors greatly shape the type of equipment to procure; meaning the difference between a sound investment with great ROI or an open wound to your business.

The solutions provided by Marrodan start by supporting and counselling you to design the machine you need, out from a wide range of options and technology:

-Technology: Top water spray, Steam, Inner shaking,... (Based on your product and package, suitable one will differ).

-Size: Adapt basket number and diameter to target production levels.

-Capacity study: Precisely sizing and designing the basket set for maximum benefit.

-Options for handling/automate: Wide range of improvements to efficiently handle the operation or for progressive improvement over time.

-Helping your process: + 80 years experience in food processing, along a ready to use testing facility to help you develop and improve your processing.

And many more details (like energy efficiency) to consider. Get in touch with Marrodan today to get your best processing solution.


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